...the most inspiring and high-quality musical performance in a long time

Piano NEWS 05/2006

Interpretation: 6 out of 6 points

Sound: 6 out of 6 points

In the booklet from her CD featuring two Mozart concertos the young, Japanese-born Yu Kosuge states that Mozart aimed to create „a dialog between orchestra and soloist“. In her recording of his piano concertos no. 9 and no. 21 it seems that no one interprets that statement more believably than herself. Yu Kosuge demonstrates real flair for Mozart, which she plays with lightness and at the same time with full intensity and passion. Apart from technical perfection, which is not that unusual today, she possesses a stunning palette of expression and an exquisite and pearly touch. Conservative pedal usage emphasizes her crystal clear playing. Mozart himself couldn’t have wished for a fresher or more harmonic dialog with the orchestra, as she particularly demonstrates in the „Jeunehomme“ Concert. In the cadenzas, she exploits her freedom to lead a brilliant soloist monologue. Without playing too softly, she draws tremendous emotionality from both concerts’ slow movements. The frequently over-exaggerated romantic andante of the 21st concerto has seldom been heard in such a delicate and rich manner. The NDR Symphony Orchestra under Lawrence Foster is an equal and sensitive „dialog partner“ with the pianist: here, everything fits perfectly and results in arguably some of the most stimulating and high quality entertainment in a long time.

Isabel Fedrizzi